Wednesday, July 9, 2008

“What’s Your Flavor” Contest Tips

In order to help you get started, below are a tips for sharing about programs and events with library patrons.

We’d love to hear from you! Please post comments with your own tips for sharing about programs and events!

“What’s Your Flavor” Contest Tips:
· Remember, you are the most powerful publicity tool – share your enthusiasm for the program you select.
· If desired, feel free to select a different program each day to share about.
· Have fun with it! Wear a “buggy hat” or a bug pin and share about some of the different bug-themed programs happening at your library.
· Wear a Sock Puppet while sharing about the “Rockstar Sock Puppets” program
· Paint your face and share about Face Painting events.
· Tell a story – engage patrons while telling about the Bug Safari event (“I held Rosie the tarantula…!”) or how much the kids enjoyed the juggling and comedy show in a casual and friendly way.
· As an example, ask patrons, “Have you seen the movie Batteries Not Included?” We’re showing it this Friday outdoors – what a great family night out!
· While facilitating programs and events, tell the participants about upcoming programs and events.
· Use The Dewey program calendar and library-specific handouts as a conversation starter.
· If you’re helping someone at the computer, tell them about computer-specific classes that are coming up. Let teens who are using the computers know about the iMac classes or “Rock Your Profile” events.

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