Monday, July 21, 2008

Parker and Florida Construction Site Tours

On Friday, July 11, I had the fortunate experience to be able to attend a construction tour at ALD’s future library site at the corner of Parker Road and E. Florida Ave. Members of the community as well as representatives from the Spring Institute braved the near-100-degree temperatures to take a look at how the library was taking shape. Although it is still in its early stages of construction, one can only anticipate the resources it will bring to its community. This new branch will be built on 3.5 acres in unincorporated Arapahoe County. The 28,000-square-foot library will serve residents in Glendale, Four Square Mile and Holly Hills, as well as the larger community, and is scheduled to open in early 2009. I highly recommend taking a tour of the site. The next tour will be offered on Friday, August 1, at 3:30 pm and again at 4 pm. If that date does not work for you, tours will be held monthly and can be registered for online at